Oct 5, 2004

More on Namazu

I've gotten around to playing with Namazu today. Unfortunately, after running mknmz(1) any querying with namazu query I got no results for known-good strings. I've then decided to rebuild the whole thing and realized that I've slightly oversimplified (and overcomplicated) the patching I applied. This time I have done a bit better job at tracking how I got it to complile under Cygwin:
  1. Make sure you know where your perl(1) is: if you have both Cygwin and ActiveState installed, make sure that you run configure as:
    ./configure --with-perl5=/usr/bin/perl
  2. After you've run configure, fix libtool script by sed -i.bak 's/^M$//g' libtool.
  3. You'd also have to manually fix libtool script to "lengthen" the wrapped lines in the extract_expsyms_cmds variable definition: remove soft line terminators (\\\\) -- you should end up with only 3 lines that define this var.
  4. Lastly, manually create src/.libs/impgen.c as:
    head -n 491 libtool | tail -n 134 | sed 's/^#[ ]*//' > src/.libs/impgen.c
After this you can run make(1) and all should be fine... BUT: No UNICODE support, hence my UNICODEd text files won't work... :(

Russia vs. Chechnya

I found this commentary on the Russia vs. Chechnya on Metafliter quite interesting, and very close to what I feel about the situation. Notice that as a Russian I can hardly be objective -- it is hard to be objective when a car bomb explodes a few blocks from where one lives. Rage can easily consume even the stronger ones when they see children taken hostage, dying, shot in their backs. Yet I cannot justify whatever has been happening in Chechnya in the past 10 years: betrayals, greed, incompetence -- all combined to produce atrocities of Chechen war. There was a very good (I think) documentary shown on RENTV (one of Russian independent TV stations) last week. For those reading in Russian -- a link above should be useful. I am guessing that the film should be available somewhere on P2P, though I have not been looking for it specifically. Again, it may not be perfectly objective, especially the last 2 installments of it, but it does give a terrible historical perspective of what has happened and why...
Yet another liar, though, I guess, everyone who cared knew that already...
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld said on Monday he knew of no "strong, hard evidence" linking Saddam Hussein's Iraq and al Qaeda, despite describing extensive contacts between the two before the Iraq invasion. [Reuters: Top News]

Oct 4, 2004

This is del.icio.us

A word about del.icio.us: It is a great bookmarker/web inbox in GTD sense. It also is a very interesting social tool, do check out del.icio.us/popular/ -- a list of most popular links of the last 24 hours. With enough social mass behind it this would comprise a very interesting list to watch. Also available in RSS.