Sep 28, 2005

Palm is a gonner

When Palm ruled the handheld-computing market, few thought it would ever have to partner with Microsoft.

It is all downhill from here -- and one should have really seen the writing on the wall. The lousy performance of recent handheld devices (see my notes on T5) with memory leaks and sporadic resets... Then the news of PalmSource being sold (that after failing to put Cobalt onto any devices, taking down a pile of Be Inc. really wonderful IP with it) was sold out. Now these great news. I am switching...

Sep 25, 2005

Evening treats

This is not a food blog, even though cooking/food is one of my hobbies. Neither is it a restaurant review blog. (Nor is it an actively maintained blog -- but that's a whole different story). Yet I felt that sharing some nice restaurant experiences is a good thing to do, hence here it goes.

During my last few visits to London I have treated myself a trip or two to very nicce and not very touristy places. None of them were of a fish'n chips variety (although you could get some variation of these in all of the places).

First of a Japanese place called Yoshino. While by far not a cheap place, nor the most "authentic" looking, it is one of the best sushi places I have ever come around. A bit small (but there's additional sitting on the second level), it stays away from the big street (you have to turn into a narrow pass way right after Le Meridien Piccadilly hotel) and big signs (there's only a small neon light saying "Sushi"). On my first visit there the feeling of authenticity was emphasised by the fact that staff had a bit of problem with English -- this has (unfortunately?) been fixed now.

Rasa is another little gem. This is, in fact, a small network of restaurants -- four or so of them in various parts of London serving South-West Indian (Kerala) cuisine. It is a very nice departure from North India cuisine that is far better known around. This is also a place if you want to find out how can a person live a totally veg life -- Kerala is very veg (although there are beautiful meat dishes there as well).

Speaking of meat, my last little accidental find is Suze. They offer a great selection of meats coming from the New World -- New Zealand and Australia. These are greatly complimented by the same bias in wine selection (Suze doubles as a wine bar). I found service to be excelent, wine very much enjoyable, and the food to be delicious.