Feb 18, 2006

Trust the unconscious self

An interesting point at “sleeping on it” or the way we put it in Russian -- “утро вечера мудренее”.

The research suggests the conscious mind should be trusted only with simple decisions, such as selecting a brand of oven glove. Sleeping on a big decision, such as buying a car or house, is more likely to produce a result people remain happy with than consciously weighing up the pros and cons of the problem, the researchers say.

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Feb 12, 2006

Quicken 2005 for Mac

I wrote before about my little pet project that is not really going anywhere -- a moderately sophisticated personal accounting package for MacOS X. I am well aware of such apps as LiquidLedger, CashBox, Conto (btw, if you are really new to this and just want to get a feel for keeping your hands on your finances I would really recommen d going with Conto), iBank, MYOB, and many others. Yet I find pretty much all of them are lacking in one area or the other (specifics are worthy of a separate and a much more elaborate entry).

The last two drops in my decision to now consider taking the plunge and installing GnuCash under X11 is inabilities of Quicken (leader in personal finance market, ain't it?) to (a) handle multiple currencies in an efficient and unobtrusive manner (you have to trick the app to think you're actually investing in mutual funds account) and (b) it is completely brain damaged about any character encodings besides US ASCII (or at least I was unable to get my Russian transaction details to show up in the register).

I do not want to use Fink for this -- I already have DarwinPorts installed and do not ant a second set of libs and all to exist on this machine. This is likely to be quite a challenge, considering the myriad dependencies that GnuCash has.

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