Apr 22, 2006

Windows API as part of MacOS X 10.x?

There May Be an End-run for Apple Around Windows After All:
A souped-up OS X kernel with native Windows API support and the prospect of mixing and matching Windows and Mac applications would be, for many users, the best of both worlds. There would be no copy of Windows XP to buy, no large overhead of emulation or compatibility middleware, no chance for Microsoft to accidentally screw things up, substantially better security, and no need to even take a chance on Windows Vista.

There are times that I wonder what Cringely is on... While I like the last part of this statement, I sincerely doubt that anything like this either is in Steve's plans, or that it even makes much sense at all. I can't really imagine how would this work -- keeping the look and feel of OSX as apposed to having a soup of UIs (and with traditional, metal, merged toolbar, thin metal views in Tiger one might argue that soup is already there!)...

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Apr 14, 2006

Pirating to benefit Microsoft?

How Piracy Opens Doors for Windows:
The proliferation of pirated copies nevertheless establishes Microsoft products — particularly Windows and Office — as the software standard.

I could not agree more — this is exactly what I have been seeing in Russia, and it really is annoying. One would think that a country that is (used to be?) so paranoid about espionage be CIA and the gang would instead promote a much more open solution -- yet this is not the case. The number of MSCEs etc. is so great, and reliance on MSFT this or MSFT that is huge. It is indeed a de-facto standard, which is sad-sad-sad....

I have seen so many kids that are smart, yet have never played with Linux or *BSD in their life — despite the fact these free (in both senses) alternatives are out there.

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