Mar 27, 2008

OOo "innovations"

OOo Ninja's post on new features of OpenOffice 3.0 has put me into a totally gloomy mood. If there is a single piece of software in FOSS world that can take all the rap for "no innovation," it is OOo. I am really surprised that OOo 3.0 is not trying to re-imagine Office 2007's ribbon interface — after so artfully picking up the zoom slider and reading layout.

Mar 16, 2008

Drawing (Scribbles) on a Mac

I have been looking for a simple program to entertain my daughter with drawing (she loves it) on a Mac. I've got a (cheap) Wacom tablet that wanted to employ as well. TuxPaint is nice, but I hate the rubber-stamp/clipart mentality it sort of forces one in (and sounds are annoying). Also, I think that interface is overloaded. Accidentally I cam across this marvel — and have bee having lots of fun myself!

It certainly is neither Photoshop, nor Illustrator — but it needs not be! The interface is extremely simple (if a little unclear at first, but this is really well taken care of by quickly skimming through a 14-page slide set of a manual), does not get in a way at all. You can pretty much scribble anything and layers are a great way of building up onion skins of a drawing. Tracing mode is great for when your treasure wants to use another picture as a model.

Here's a quick one, took no more than 10-15 minutes to scribble :)