Jan 7, 2011

Mac App Store impressions

Two major impressions so far:

  1. It is very slick, I am glad it is not a part of iTunes monster app. It is almost as easy as on iOS, with only one major difference: your purchases are for a device you buy it on, not for your Apple ID, like with iOS.
    (UPD it is exactly as easy, although one does have to go through "Do you really want to buy this app (Y/N)? Oh, you already bought it, then we just download it…" dialog)
  2. They absolutely need to come up with a sensible way of getting exisiting apps that are going to be included into Mac App Store to register and be manageable/updatable via it. I hate having to buy an app I already have only to get a Mac App Store version.

To be fair, some of the companies are coming up with ways to make up to current users: e.g. buy our app on Mac App Store at this lower price and also get next major version update for free." This is almost there, but what if the next major release is like Duke Nukem Forver?

Oh, and why do all of thes apps falling onto my Dock, please?


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