DME: (linux & !debian = bad news), Sun, Solaris

(linux & !debian = bad news), Sun, Solaris is a very nice take at Windows/Linux?Solaris and how Sun should play that game.

I wholeheartedly agree with his point about RH and derivatives RPM hell — I remember trying (or facing? or suffering?) it once in the past — that was one of the reason I dumped RH for the second time.

Debian has always been my favorite distro — even though I have left active Linux life a few year ago. Yet if I were to go back — it would nearly certainly be Debian (or a Debian based commercial or otherwise distro).

There also seemed to be some rumors in the past that HP might back Debian up (probably when Progeny was more alive thna it is now) — but it never turned true (yet?).

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