Is Linux getting fat?

The Fast-Food Syndrome: The Linux Platform is Getting Fat –

I tend to agree with much of what was mentioned in OSNews post, even though it is not a good sign 🙂

I still remember my old P100 with, ugh, 16(?) Mb and a puny 2Mb video — that thing could run much of the same (functionally) stuff a new P4 3G does, except with soooo much less eyecandy.

True, I the day I saw Enlightenment screenshot I wanted it. And I ended up spending half a week getting all the prerequisites, compiling it all myself. All ended up with me doing a mega-upgrade of my installation (Slackware at that time) *and* hardware… But it was cool. And I could make my Linux box look almost like a Mac 🙂

Now that I own a Mac (typing this one on Safari right now, sir) — I would love to see more simplicity, lighter and more functional things. Instead — half of KDE themes you’re likely to see on KDE Look are Windows XP rip-offs. GNOME is trying to creatively copy-cat Mac (OS 9, more like). And one needs to install 30 other things to get GnuCash to balance your checkbook…

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