Olimpic games

I can’t call myself a very big fan of any particular sport. I am not going crazy over football (soccer) WorldCup or hockey World Champinoships, although I do enjoy to watch a good game or two. Naturally, when Russia is playing, and game promises to be an interesting one — I’m all for watching it and supporting my team. But I never get crazy about it. Like flags-around-my-bosy crazy. Or get-all-my-friends-in-the-living-room crazy. Or let’s-bit-the-shit-out-of-all-others crazy. None of that.

These days Olympic Games are still in progress in Greece, and I did get to watch it a few times, did get my small share of cheers and disapointments. But I also got a huge feeling of disgust with what The Games have become.

This disgust has been adding up, I suppose — from numerous scandals surrounding the IOC, to numerous scoring errors, score resets, rumors of further irregularities, to news of completed deal on broadcast rights for 2012 Olympic Games (for which the country is not even known yet!). And today, more than ever I believe that Olympic movement is gone and done and dead.

This sort of goes together with my general disgust with many types of modern sports that do little in proving what human beings can do, but mostly what farmacologists can do to a human being. There is not a single professional sportsman (or sportswoman) that is a normal let alone healthy human being — it is justa jumble of muscles, bones and anabolics.

And so are Olympic Games — a money-making machine, that explores greed and nationalism among other things to make rich richer.

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