More on Namazu

I’ve gotten around to playing with Namazu today. Unfortunately, after running mknmz(1) any querying with namazu query I got no results for known-good strings. I’ve then decided to rebuild the whole thing and realized that I’ve slightly oversimplified (and overcomplicated) the patching I applied.

This time I have done a bit better job at tracking how I got it to complile under Cygwin:

  1. Make sure you know where your perl(1) is: if you have both Cygwin and ActiveState installed, make sure that you run configure as:
    ./configure --with-perl5=/usr/bin/perl
  2. After you’ve run configure, fix libtool script by sed -i.bak 's/^M$//g' libtool.
  3. You’d also have to manually fix libtool script to “lengthen” the wrapped lines in the extract_expsyms_cmds variable definition: remove soft line terminators (\\) — you should end up with only 3 lines that define this var.
  4. Lastly, manually create src/.libs/impgen.c as:
    head -n 491 libtool | tail -n 134 | sed 's/^#[ ]*//' > src/.libs/impgen.c

After this you can run make(1) and all should be fine…

BUT: No UNICODE support, hence my UNICODEd text files won’t work… 🙁

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