CRN | Lenovo, Linux, Lenovo3000 | Lenovo To Shun Linux

As seen on Slashdot, quoted from CRN: CRN | Lenovo, Linux, Lenovo3000 | Lenovo To Shun Linux:

Computer maker Lenovo will not install or support the Linux operating system on any of its PCs, including ThinkPads and a series of new notebooks, the company said this week.

So, it has started. It has not really taken all that long. I used to be an almost adamant ThinkPad fan — I still think that in Wintel world they used to be the best laptops ever. Best engineering, even if a bit moody at times, requiring a very diligent installation process.

The day I learnt IBM would stop actually making them — I have not cried, but I was certain that the end has, indeed come. And I can attest that the most recent of my ThinkPads (T40), the one that has Lenovo’s name on the back, is lousy, compared to 5-year-old 770E that still works.

IBM has never to the best of my memory, directly supported Linux on ThinkPads, though one could find some recommendations on forums, etc. about what might be the best setup. Remember how everyone cheered up when IBM announced that they are now a Linux company? One of the most frequent sentiments I remember was people saying “At last — we now will get native Linux drivers for-this-and-that!”

Never did happen. And now Lenovo is fully selling off to a certain Redmond-based company. So long.

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