Is Bangalore as high-quality resource-rich as it wants everyone to believe?

Apple software logs out of India- The Times of India:

Considering the low-cost, high-quality talent pool that Bangalore offers, it is unclear why Apple decided to shut shop just over a month after it commenced operations.

Say what? Maybe the proper way to react to Apple’s actions was to actually stop and think: are there really that many high-quality support resources over at Bangalore? Low-cost -— sure, no doubt. But high-quality in impeccable Apple kind of way? I would not say so. One of the very important things that sets Apple apart from the rest of PC industry is their attention to details and to end-to-end customer experience. This also includes customer support. And Apple would certainly hate it had it somehow been forced to deliver service quality below its customers expectation. Something that has been all-to-frequent with India (and China) outsourced activities…

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  1. i guess.. it comes easy for you to sit up there and comment cluelessly with no knowledge of the actual issue..


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