C-fonts from Microsoft

There’s an article over at Slashdot referencing a blog post at hunlock about new Microsoft “core” fonts. The post is a bit dated, from April this year, but /. has just picked it up.

I saw a link to hunlock back in April, most certainly over at Reddit. I have tried and installed the C-fonts on both a Windows PC and a Mac. The process did require a download of PowerPoint 2007 viewer, as there’s no other legal way to download these fonts.

I found Cpnsolas to be a nice replacement for Andale Mono and Courrier New (but not the original Courrier). The rest of the fonts I played around with and concluded that I seem to *not* like most of them.

For one, Microsoft seems to prefer small sizes, regardless of what usability experts say. These fonts are tiny, at 12pt they feel just about as big as “old” core fonts at 10. I also find them to be too thin — which maybe a reflection of the battle of “readability vs. correctness” debacle between Apple and Microsft on font rendering.

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