WIndows XP on OLPC??

Picked up over at Reddit, MSFT is really trying to compete with OLPC:

Microsoft Corp (MSFT.O) has made progress in getting its Windows software to work on a low-cost laptop computer for poor children that currently runs on rival Linux software, an executive said on Thursday.

And I find it preposterous. And they’re getting it wrong, again. Redmond does not seem to understand, that this is about children and education, not about how to milk everyone of the last penny.

The sole purpose of a $100 laptop project (now One Laptop Per Child) is to bring education and to empower children. To help them learn things and do that in the most adventerous way. With all due respect, Redmond cannot produce any of that, because they can’t see a classroom behind their greed.

Wake up, Bill, Steve. This is not what you think its about, although you are right — this can well make you history.

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