Things that Apple is *really* good at

There were numerous referenced posted on a variety of social bookmarking sites about smart hackers going for a re-implementation of this or that feature of Apple’s latest Leopard release of Mac OS X. And this is über cool that you can now hack your N800 to scroll like iPhone or to show a keyboard just like in iPhone (with just a few hundred lines of Python!) or that you can now pretty much as easily back things up on a Linux box as on a shiny MacBook with Time Machine.

What is missed in all of that is that all of what was no redone after it’s been released by Apple has been around for ages, yet it was not wrapped right, or was not working quite the same, or was the last worry on the mind of dominant forces… Then comes Apple picks an idea up, does a magic something to it — bang, you have an iPhone/Time Machine/etc. Then everyone and his brother says “Look — I can also do it and could really do it for ages!”

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