Biased view on iOS vs. Android

Totally biased, totally subjective: still prefer and stay with iOS, but envy some of the looks and technical features of S7 as a flagship Android device.

To be more specific: I think that iOS (despite of the recent blunder with links in Safari after 9.3 update) is still so much better polished and a lot more consistent in terms of user experience device than any of the Android devices I have used in the past couple of years.

I carried Yota Phone 2 as my secondary phone for more than a year (until it seemingly broke down). I now have Moto X Force as a backup/trial/see what’s out there. Yoga was a very novel and unusual device, fun to carry around with an easy to glance e-ink back screen. It was thicker and heavier than my main iPhone 6 and lagged in features and specs behind many of its brothers.

Still, at least I was getting Android OS updates much faster than with HTC, Samsung or Sony!

X Force is a different animal, huge and totally awkward to use in one hand (nay impossible at times). One biggest disappointment for me considering the size of the phone is that I am not really getting more information on that screen than I have with iPhone — and that seems to be the norm with Android… Giving users room with flat white-spaced design is great, but it makes for a lot of scrolling, or too much chrome over information fields and views…

S7, when I tried it at a shop a week or so ago, greets you with a gorgeous over-vibrant/over-saturated screen. But you also see that dpi on it is higher than on iOS device and picture is much crisper (even if you aren’t supposed to really see any pixels with your naked eye with such pixel densities!). That’s a bit of an envy. And they also learned their lesson from last year, making the back of the phone a bit less edgy. Still the screen flowing over the edge of the phone looks like impractical eye-candy feature to me and looking closer you can see that there are so many little imperfections that should have been dealt with, but were not…

I resisted the urge to upgrade to 6S, might be getting the SE as a replacement phone for my daughter… And am really waiting to see what iPhone 7 would be like. Somehow I’d love for it to stay as slim as 6/6S, but maybe somehow to become a little smaller?

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