WIndows XP on OLPC??

Picked up over at Reddit, MSFT is really trying to compete with OLPC: Microsoft Corp (MSFT.O) has made progress in getting its Windows software to work on a low-cost laptop computer for poor children that currently runs on rival Linux software, an executive said on Thursday. And I find it preposterous. And they’re getting it … Read more

C-fonts from Microsoft

There’s an article over at Slashdot referencing a blog post at hunlock about new Microsoft “core” fonts. The post is a bit dated, from April this year, but /. has just picked it up. I saw a link to hunlock back in April, most certainly over at Reddit. I have tried and installed the C-fonts … Read more

DRM, Apple, Microsoft

Steve Jobs’ recent Thoughts on Music have been around the blogs, news sites and general media. There’s been a nice article in Economist, a long thread on Slashdot. Why did he say what he said? This position does not seem to match many of the past actions by Apple? I think that the story is … Read more