Blogging from Emacs

Being out for 10 days at the start of January helps one to relax and
recharge. Adding a few more days before or after only makes it better
(although totally messes up one’s sense days of week).

So good it
is that one can even get a bit of time to experiment. Like try and
choose a better
Twittering client for the desktop
, or see if buying MarsEdit would
be worth it? Would not the kitchen sink of text
be able to handle the same task better?

Off we go to see what WebloggerMode
can do for us, which is what this post is about. And verdict is it’s
mostly fine, except for a few things:

  • Title of a post does not get set from the subject line of the
    compose buffer, though all hooks seem to be in place. Might be an API
  • I have not seen a wat to list all available entries (there is
    weblogger-fetch-entries command, but I have not seen anything like

Overall — MarsEdit is certainly a much more powerful tool for an
active blogger. But WebloggerMode can do just as well.

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