GnuCash & Mac OS X

While I am still working on a “feature story” of MacOS X accounting packages, this is a resource for those desiring to setup GnuCash on a Mac. This approach uses Fink. I personally prefer DarwinPorts, but so far there’s no GnuCash port there. It should, however, be possible (albeit not as trivial) to compile GnuCash … Read more

Olimpic games

I can’t call myself a very big fan of any particular sport. I am not going crazy over football (soccer) WorldCup or hockey World Champinoships, although I do enjoy to watch a good game or two. Naturally, when Russia is playing, and game promises to be an interesting one — I’m all for watching it … Read more

Konfabulator, Samurize, Dashboard and Active Desktop

Now that the heated debates about Konfabulator vs. Dashboard has become history, I’ve asked myself a very basic question: considering that ActiveDesktop on my Windows machine is rendered by MSIE (security risks notwithstanding), should it not be possible to create a webpage full of widgets without any help from Samurize? I am not looking for … Read more

Mitch Kapor’s Weblog: Chandler’s Network Architecture: Priorities Change

Mitch Kapor’s Weblog: Chandler’s Network Architecture: Priorities Change An interesting take on peer-to-peer vs. central server-based architecture for Chandler. I would be more than delighted to see Chandler mature into if not an Outlook-killer, then at least a worthy replacement (or maybe continuation) of ECCO. Whatever milestones are available for public review right now are … Read more