WIndows XP on OLPC??

Picked up over at Reddit, MSFT is really trying to compete with OLPC: Microsoft Corp (MSFT.O) has made progress in getting its Windows software to work on a low-cost laptop computer for poor children that currently runs on rival Linux software, an executive said on Thursday. And I find it preposterous. And they’re getting it … Read more

C-fonts from Microsoft

There’s an article over at Slashdot referencing a blog post at hunlock about new Microsoft “core” fonts. The post is a bit dated, from April this year, but /. has just picked it up. I saw a link to hunlock back in April, most certainly over at Reddit. I have tried and installed the C-fonts … Read more


There’re many versions of GNU Emacs to choose from when it comes to MacOS. There’s a standard console-only Emacs that comes with the system. There’s Carbon Emacs that (as the name implies) uses Carbon libs. There’s an Aquamacs — again, the name is telling. But what I found to be a very nice addition to … Read more

XML::Simple oversimplification

Perl’s XML::Simple module is an easy way to get your application to talk some basic XML. it uses expat to parse data, so there the leverage is good. But where things tend to go awry is with consistency of reading and writing back. Example Let us take the following sample XML document: <data> <survey key=”123″> … Read more