Is the basis of patent system flawed?

A really good read on patents: …the paper finds that due to technological advances and the ability to more rapidly and easily communicate and collaborate widely, these forms of innovation (innovation for direct use as well as collaborative innovation) are becoming more and more viable across a variety of industries, which in the past may have … Read more

Half a day of Posterous

First of all, I got the idea of Posterous a bit backward: I sort of thought autoposting would aggregate, rather than disperse my posts.On the other hand, this maynot be such a bad thing, that it does not aggregate.The site feels a bit less refined than, say, Tumblr or Twitter. Less refined in a sense … Read more


Nothing to see here. I have heard of Posterous before, and since I am sort of looking around trying to see what works best for me (if I wanted to leave Blogger), for my very occasional writing… Maybe this is it? Or this could be sort of an aggregation of may other things I wrote … Read more

This war reminds my of children sandbox…

NYT reports (and Wired picks it up) that: Google is almost ready to start selling its own tablet. The device, according to the New York Times, will be “an e-reader that would function like a computer.” Now, don’t get me wrong, but I ain’t buying. Google was a great company, while it stuck to what … Read more

He just nails it

This writing was on the wall for a looooong time, ever since Apple vs. Sun feud about Java. … it is pretty easy to see why supporting other runtimes is ceding a lot of control to a 3rd party. Imagine if 10% of the apps on iPhone came from Flash. If that was the case, … Read more


MarsEdit is an awesome editor for a weblog. The only thing I wish it could do is publish converted content, i.e. allow me to write using Textile or Markdown markup, yet commit to Blogger and such HTML.

My $0.02 on iPad

First of all, I am glad that for once I had a vision 🙂 This is nothing too big, and I was not original, but I kinda-sorta thought that iPad would be a great name: it leverages off the ThinkPad name brand, it follows the suit of other “i” products (iPod, iPhone, iWork, iMac, etc.), … Read more