Microsoft retail push

SAN FRANCISCO -(Dow Jones)- Microsoft Corp’s (MSFT) decision to launch a retail push for the first time suggests the company is hoping the success of smaller rival, Apple Inc. (AAPL), in reaching consumers, may rub off on the larger company. Looks like Zune has not taught them a thing.

OOo “innovations”

OOo Ninja’s post on new features of OpenOffice 3.0 has put me into a totally gloomy mood. If there is a single piece of software in FOSS world that can take all the rap for “no innovation,” it is OOo. I am really surprised that OOo 3.0 is not trying to re-imagine Office 2007’s ribbon … Read more

Windows PowerShell overkill

Sometimes OO paradigm is an overhead, not a savior. Especially when it comes to simple manipulations such that are typical to shell scripting tasks. I mean, what appears more to the point and is faster to implement? This: ipconfig | findstr “Address” Or this: ifconfig | grep “Address” The latter is more flexible, you can … Read more

WIndows XP on OLPC??

Picked up over at Reddit, MSFT is really trying to compete with OLPC: Microsoft Corp (MSFT.O) has made progress in getting its Windows software to work on a low-cost laptop computer for poor children that currently runs on rival Linux software, an executive said on Thursday. And I find it preposterous. And they’re getting it … Read more

iPod touch – an Origami Mac?

Here’s just a quick thought: Apple’s new iPod touch is Apple’s measured response to Microsoft’s UMPC, a.k.a. Origami PCs. A similar sentiment seems to be ringing over at C|Net — although their post is a speculation before the iPod event of Sep. 5. True, the primary purpose of iPod touch is still music playing. It … Read more

Взгляд: Россия нашла замену Microsoft

«Для нас важно, чтобы параллельно с устранением пиратства развивались программы с открытым кодом» Давно пора. Хочется надеяться, только, что ето не попытка выторговать лучшую цену из Редмонда.