XML::Simple oversimplification

Perl’s XML::Simple module is an easy way to get your application to talk some basic XML. it uses expat to parse data, so there the leverage is good. But where things tend to go awry is with consistency of reading and writing back. Example Let us take the following sample XML document: <data> <survey key=”123″> … Read more

Eureka moments

I am pretty sure that this won’t be an eye-opener for many, but I just had my eureka moment with XPath. I have been playing with XML config file for a light-weight survey module for our intranet and has been banging my head against Perl XML::Simple module. After a lot of sweat and tears, mismatches … Read more

X/HTML5 vs. XHTML2: a dilettante’s view

There has been a number of different views on the matter of new markup language spec for the web in the past few weeks. As a hobbyist, I certainly cannot provide a solid foundation for my views, other than that some things feel right, and some don’t. In this case, a lot of X/HTML5’s “backward … Read more