iNewton or iPad next year?

There are more rumors around the net about a possibility that Apple will introduce a “new Newton.” This bides well with what I mentioned in my post on iPod Touch being “origami Mac”. Mike Elgan’s article in Computerworld is very interesting in that respect. Events in the past 30 days lead me to conclude something … Read more

Eureka moments

I am pretty sure that this won’t be an eye-opener for many, but I just had my eureka moment with XPath. I have been playing with XML config file for a light-weight survey module for our intranet and has been banging my head against Perl XML::Simple module. After a lot of sweat and tears, mismatches … Read more

Rubbish day

Early Friday night over at The Leicester Arms pub was slowly getting crowded and noisy. Being close to Piccadilly Circus and Regent Street is a guarantee for high traffic — tourists, business people on the run from nearby offices, buddies striking a quick one to start the evening before going off to clubs or restaurants. … Read more

iPod touch – an Origami Mac?

Here’s just a quick thought: Apple’s new iPod touch is Apple’s measured response to Microsoft’s UMPC, a.k.a. Origami PCs. A similar sentiment seems to be ringing over at C|Net — although their post is a speculation before the iPod event of Sep. 5. True, the primary purpose of iPod touch is still music playing. It … Read more