Windows PowerShell overkill

Sometimes OO paradigm is an overhead, not a savior. Especially when it comes to simple manipulations such that are typical to shell scripting tasks. I mean, what appears more to the point and is faster to implement? This: ipconfig | findstr “Address” Or this: ifconfig | grep “Address” The latter is more flexible, you can … Read more

Leopard — a very personal view

Not that it matters, but: I like new Dock. It’s more or less always hidden, hence it’s reflections are lost on me, the small dot looks more or less the same (so far) as the black one. Transparent menu bar — very much the same, I use a solid color background and end up nearly … Read more

Things that Apple is *really* good at

There were numerous referenced posted on a variety of social bookmarking sites about smart hackers going for a re-implementation of this or that feature of Apple’s latest Leopard release of Mac OS X. And this is über cool that you can now hack your N800 to scroll like iPhone or to show a keyboard just … Read more