Biased view on iOS vs. Android

Totally biased, totally subjective: still prefer and stay with iOS, but envy some of the looks and technical features of S7 as a flagship Android device. To be more specific: I think that iOS (despite of the recent blunder with links in Safari after 9.3 update) is still so much better polished and a lot … Read more

Mac App Store impressions

Two major impressions so far: It is very slick, I am glad it is not a part of iTunes monster app. It is almost as easy as on iOS, with only one major difference: your purchases are for a device you buy it on, not for your Apple ID, like with iOS. (UPD it is … Read more

iOS 4 on iPhone 3G

I’ve been running iOS 4 on my iPhone 3G since the update was made available. Unlike previous updates, I can’t say I am a very happy bunny about the results. The update It was not smooth. And I know I am not alone: many people have reported the update (and especially back-up/restore process) taking hours. … Read more

My $0.02 on iPad

First of all, I am glad that for once I had a vision 🙂 This is nothing too big, and I was not original, but I kinda-sorta thought that iPad would be a great name: it leverages off the ThinkPad name brand, it follows the suit of other “i” products (iPod, iPhone, iWork, iMac, etc.), … Read more


Apple iPad? How about a little German innovation instead … German Android device has a bigger multitouch screen and a faster CPU than the iPad. Also it runs Flash, has USB ports, an inbuilt card reader and expandable memory. Additionally it allows complete multitasking and has a webcam. Beat that baby. Then it brags on … Read more

Microsoft retail push

SAN FRANCISCO -(Dow Jones)- Microsoft Corp’s (MSFT) decision to launch a retail push for the first time suggests the company is hoping the success of smaller rival, Apple Inc. (AAPL), in reaching consumers, may rub off on the larger company. Looks like Zune has not taught them a thing.

Fixing iPod/iPhone/AppleTV syncing issue for iPhoto albums

If you ever come across a situation when iTunes refuses to sync your iPhoto library to your iPod, iPhone or AppleTV, and a very important symptom is that you cannot choose “Selected Albums” option in iTunes syncing preferences, chances are you have an issue inside the AlbumData.xml file within the iPhoto Library. Luckily, the fix … Read more