Macbook — continuation

I have now had a little more time to play with the “little white box,” here’s a few amendments/additions/clarifications to my earlier review.


There is a glare. In some case it might, indeed, be strong. Yet you can relatively easily get rid or reduce it — you should generally not be sitting with strong sources of light beaming either straight or at an angle at your MacBook screen.

However, it is well worth to note that screen is much more crisp than either PowerBook G4 or iMac G5 I have. And it has a very respectable resolution for a tiny 13.3“ screen.


While it is a very fast machine indeed, I can’t say that it performs levels of magnitude faster than my iMac. When one runs benchmarks — maybe. But for a regular (or average) person’s tasks (”regular“ does not include hard-core gamers and geeks that love compiling X11 after lunch) you are not likely to be blown away You will notice a speed up, but it won’t be like moving from Apple ][e onto a PowerMac G5 Dual. And it is a good thing :).


For a modern laptop it seems to have all the ports my heart desires: 2 USB ports are there, FireWire, external monitor, etc. Since this is a light (and likely a secondary) machine, I doubt it really needs much more. Since it is not a high-end portable, then a few things that the ”Pro“ has, that are missing from the younger brother — no problem

I did run onto some strange AirPort issues with loss of connection to the network — not (yet) sure if this is wrong configuration or genuine hardware issue…

Remote control — is a cool eye candy, really. Makes all of my friends salivate, but so far has been useful for little more.

The box (where it was all packed)

Was small. Four times smaller than my PowerBook’s.

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