Leopard — a very personal view

Not that it matters, but:

  • I like new Dock. It’s more or less always hidden, hence it’s reflections are lost on me, the small dot looks more or less the same (so far) as the black one.
  • Transparent menu bar — very much the same, I use a solid color background and end up nearly unaffected by transparency thing. I did notice, however, that while menus are rounded now, menu bar screen corners are not any longer. The soft rounded rectangle look of Mac is gone…
  • Finder Cover Flow view comes out handy at times.
  • Unified look takes a little getting used to, but over all is not bad.
  • Network preferences pane re-arrangement is a good thing.
  • Stacks are probably cool, but I have not built them into a usage pattern yet.
  • Spaces — don’t work as I used to use them in FVWM. But it’s the same with a number of products offered for Windows, hence there may be also a hint on getting that crowd over (however small that is).
  • I do not like new Finder folder icons.

I think that just about does it for this moment.

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