(One of very many) Praising posts about EEE

Have you heard about eeevolution? No? Then you are missing out big time. The little DVD box sized machine that pretty much does everything that your average HP/Dell/Sony spiffy new laptop does but at a fraction o weight and cost. It is a marvel, not to be missed out. It is XO for the rest of us (or for those who want a more expandable hardware).

I’ve had mine for a few days now. I never regret $500 I paid for this little bastard. Sure, its keyboard is cramped and Xandros is not my favorite Linux distro. Sure, it warms quite a bit and I sort of thought it may run longer on the battery it has. And certainly it’d be nice to also have a GPS, a Bluetooth adapter and an 802.11n wifi adapter in it. But even with the current spec it’s great for the road, for a subway, for a couch.

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